The Junior League is comprised of 12 teams, who play 8-a-side games.

Juniors League rules and guidelines

Squad sizes:

Junior squads will be at a maximum of 11 and games will be 8-a-side. If one team has less than 8 then teams should be adjusted accordingly (7v7, 6v6, etc). If one team has less than 6 players the match is forfeited with 3 points being awarded to the opposition. If both teams have less than 6 then the match is recorded as a draw.

Refereeing duties:

Please adhere to your allotted refereeing duty which is emailed each week, if you cannot make your allotted slot please let Leo know ASAP so he can make alternative arrangements.

Back pass rule:

The back-pass rule is applicable in the Junior League, the result is an indirect free kick and the wall must be 7 yards away or on the goal line depending on where the infringement initially occurred.

Throw in rule:

The player taking the throw on must

  • have part of each foot either on the touchline or on the ground outside the touchline
  • hold the ball with both hands
  • deliver the ball from behind and over their head

Juniors are allowed 1 foul throw per team, if they commit another foul throw it is then given to the opposition.

Goal Difference:
  • Goal difference at RPLL league is not applicable. Where teams are tied in a position that will determine for e.g league winners, head-to-head is used and in some cases, a playoff will decide the outcome.
Touchline decisions:

Please ensure the corner flags are in place to assist the referee and please use the managers as guidelines to observe each touchline in the event the referee is unsure of a decision.